Raji?eva Shopping Center, located in the heart of the city, on the corner of three streets, Knez Mihailova, Kralja Petra and Uzun Mirkova, is sure to satisfy shopping needs of all Belgrade citizens while being the ideal destination for all those who want to enjoy both the downtown’s attractions, cultural manifestations and sophisticated shopping.

Among the new 15,300 square meter of space, designed for appreciating the most beautiful part of the City, more than 80 new single and multi-brand stores and with renowned brands is waiting for you. Some of these brands will enter Serbian market for the first time, making Raji?eva Shopping Center a strong fashionable center that will satisfy the most refined tastes.

Beside famous brands, you will be able to relax in restaurants with the best views of the City, without losing sight of the importance of the location you have found yourself in.

Throughout history, this part of the City has always been a trade center and the base for the development of the City. From an urban planning perspective, the complex has been built using the latest technology, from durable, natural and industrial materials, respecting the historical heritage of the location in order to preserve the tradition of the most developed shopping center of the City and answer all of Belgrade’s contemporary needs as well as that of its numerous visitors.

The shopping center will have entrances from all surrounding: Knez Mihailova, Kralja Petra, Pariska and Uzun Mirkova, easy accessible to people coming from different parts of the City.

Raji?eva Shopping Center has all the content necessary for the comfort of everyday living such as supermarket, pharmacy, drugstore, mobile operator, lifestyle, home goods, and electronics stores. In this manner, this project will not only be a new destination, but an important part of the local and business community.

The architectural solution is the result of a first-prize architectural work from Milan and Vladimir Lojanica, featured at an international competition, and long-term cooperation with all relevant institutions, executed exclusively by local subcontractors.

The Raji?eva Shopping Center investment is worth 80 million euros and together with the shopping center includes a luxury hotel and 450 underground parking spaces covering close to 60,000 square meters.

At its current construction phase this project employs over 400 workers, which will grow to more than 600 new work positions after the opening of the shopping center and the hotel.

A central location, sophisticated design, well-known brands and carefully chosen restaurants and shops mix will contribute to Raji?eva Shopping Center, along with the streets it’s located on, becoming one of the central locations for all the happenings in Belgrade.

Beauty is in the heart of the City. Don’t miss being part of it.


About the Investor:

The Rajiceva Shopping Center project is developed by ABD d.o.o.  owned by Ashtrom Group, one of the leading and largest real estate and construction companies in Israel, founded in 1963 and has carried out over the years a wide range of large and complex projects throughout the world

About Mama Shelter:

Mama Shelter hotel is a synonym for vibrant, urban accommodation and restaurants, a meeting point for tourists and visitors. Belgrade has the privilege of being among prestigious cities such as Bordeaux, Los Angeles, Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Prague, Rio, which has a unique concept, such as