Angry Monk

With incredible decor and an innovative drink menu, Angry Monk is truly the most memorable bar experience in Belgrade.
ground flooor
12:00 – 22:00

If life in Belgrade was one big party, Angry Monk would be the newest, funnest party in town.

The space is decorated in the spirit of “home style”, dominated by a long bar where the chefs show off their skills.

Different from the typical sushi place, Angry Monk offers Japanese and Asian inspired food.

The menu features dishes that are the result of a long and detailed learning process in the land of the rising sun, combined with local ingredients. The design of the restaurant is inspired by big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto.

A unique concept inspired by the lands of the rising sun
Angry Monk Restaurant features a long bar where you can sit and watch your food and drink being prepared. The rich offer of the most varied drinks will also delight you, and you have the opportunity to try something completely new every time you come. In addition to various dishes and meat specialties, there are also various salads, pastas and sushi inspired by Asia and Japan, which will take you to these distant countries. Somethinf you must try at the Angry Monk restaurant is sushi, because it is prepared with a lot of care and love.