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The SALT Shop chain of stores is the exclusive representative of SALT and MASKKING premium e-
cigarettes for Serbia. In 40 countries of the world – France, USA, Israel, England, Italy, etc. – the SALT
and MASKKING brands stood out on the e-cigarette market thanks to the quality they offer.
The SALT and MASKKING design and production quality captivate their users from the very first meeting.
Superior aesthetics and materials are accompanied with equally successful aromas and flavors, with
exceptional durability and puff persistence. From the first puff to the last, SALT and MASKKING provide
an equally full and rich taste of e-cigarette vapor.
The SALT Shop offers over 70 flavors and among them a whole range of e-cigarettes with 0% nicotine, in
addition to those that fit the EU strength standard of 2% and 5%. The palette of aromas ranges from
classic tobacco ones to playful fruity ones, all the way to a multitude of exotic flavors.