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The fact is that every female person has memorable moments to preserve, femininity and originality to express, a personal story to tell. That was enough to inspire the creation of one of the most famous jewelry brands that adorns the soft pole worldwide. Pandora is a brand of high-quality, hand-finished jewelry, sold at affordable prices. Pandora is a brand of high quality, hand finished jewellery, which is sold at affordable prices. In addition to the most popular item, Pandora bracelets with charms, Pandora in its assortment has necklaces, chains, earrings, rings, different types of bracelets and charms in its assortment. Founded in 1982, based in Copenhagen in Denmark, Pandora is sold in more than 100 countries, on 6 continents, in more than 7,000 outlets, and employs about 26,000 people worldwide.