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The perfect combination of sportswear and luxury Napapijri gives a whole new sensibility to the wardrobe by transforming innovative materials into pieces of clothing. The path of the Italian Napapijri brand begins in 1987 at the foot of Europe’s highest peak – Mont Blanc. Napapijri in Finnish means the Arctic Circle. Polar expeditions were a major source of inspiration for creator Julia Rosset. Norway – a combination of extreme conditions and beautiful scenery, whose flag is the brand’s logo, represents freedom and a sense of adventure. The brand is known for winter jackets, ski suits, materials that guarantee waterproofness and a comfortable feeling in extreme conditions. It is also known for its unique style and recognizable shape bags that are designed to be practical to carry, are specially treated to be water and dust resistant and are the right choice for all those who like adventurous travel. Napapijri represents sporty elegance in the most luxurious sense. It allows you to transfer your adventurous spirit to your outfits. We offer men’s and women’s collections, and your children can also find some of the unique Napapijri pieces. What is especially important for the youngest, is that clothes are made of natural materials, which are not treated with harmful substances, and that is exactly what our brand is known for. Napapijri allows its customers the freedom of a natural way of living. The range is dominated by natural materials, fur and leather-made details. In particular, they would select materials made from the highest quality raw materials, treated so that water simply drips from them and does not allow penetration into the interior…
Naturality is the essence of Napapijri. Let our models inspire you and let your travel start.
Be unique, be noticed, be Napapijri.