Mia Maya

First floor
Mon – Sun 10:00 – 22:00

Sophisticated and elegant new fashion concept of luxury brands
Red Valentino, Emporio Armani, Love Moschino, Marella, Twinset, Pennyblack and Marina Rinaldi in Rajićeva.
Fashion Concept Store Miamaya in a luxury and elegant interior, which extends the latest collections of famous world brands Red Valentino, Emporio Armani, Love Moschino, Marina Rinaldi, Marella, PennyBlack and Twinset.
The new Italian brands on our market personifies sophisticated Italian style and its unmistakable elegance, top quality materials, creativity and constant innovation, provides a modern woman opportunity to create her own unique style at the newest world trends. The Red Valentino is Valentino’s youthful clothing line that strives to connect Street Style and Couture creating a look that is always creative, innovative and unique. Emporio Armani – elegant collision of varieties and contrasts with graphical elements that emphasize the individuality and character of a woman. Love Moschino’s collection refreshes new youthful cool details, interesting prints and an indispensable heart motif. The Twinset Brand is intended for a sensual and dynamic woman, with combinations that build cosmopolitan but at the same time a unique style. Miamaya also presents new brands from Max Mara Group – Marina Rinaldi, Marella and PennyBlack.
Marina Rinaldi is a turning point in the fashion industry because it is the first in the world to create clothes for women with emphasized curves. The modern woman, who works, travels and has many responsibilities, in the luxurious Marella collections can always find the ideal combination suitable for work, adventure or evening out while the Pennyblack collections emphasize contrasts, which are often unexpected by creating accessories and wardrobe for day and night.