Rajićeva Shopping Center beside unique shopping, leisure and fun experience, brings solution to parking in heart of the capital!

The new oasis in crossroad of pedestrian zone Knez Mihailova street and Belgrade fortress Kalemegdan, Belgrade’s leading tourist attractions, brings an exclusive experience to all visitors when it comes to shopping. The experience gets even better thanks to spacious parking with 450 parking units available in three underground levels. Special colored lights indicate specific parking space availability: Pink light – parking space for mothers with small children and Blue light – parking space for people with special needs.

Rajićeva Shopping Center parking is open from 07:00 till 02:00 every day. 2 hours free parking with a receipt over 3.000RSD validated at the info desk. All additional hours are 100 RSD(PDV included). Once the parking ticket is paid, you will have 15 minutes grace period to exit.

• Payment options include notes (100, 200, 500 & 1000) and cards (visa, mastercard i Dina).
Invoices and parking vouchers available.
• Allowed vehicle height 2,2m
Not allowed for vehicles using LPG
• Allowed speed of 5km/h
• Parking is under 24 hours surveillance of CCTV
Free for motor bikes on specially marked parking places
Car wash service is available on level P3 in 



Our convenient location means that Rajićeva’s parking garage is perfect for use during shopping, dining and meetings but we also offer monthly day, night and 24 hour parking, so that you never have to chase a parking spot in the city again.
Special Early Bird Gift for the first 50 buyers who buy 24 hour parking.

Monthly parking service rates:

– Night parking between 6:00pm and 8:00am is 5.000RSD
– All day parking for 24 hours is 20.000RSD

You may find more info about parking space lease by phones 011 400 08 31

Welcome to our center, Welcome to Rajićeva!