SIMPLE is a chain of hairstyling salons. Since 2001 we have managed to convince a rather wide circle of clients with our quality services and are rightfully proud of little over 70 hair salons in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Czech Republic.

Our salons are located in shopping malls, which is one of our advantages, considering today’s pace of life. The location enables our guests to save ther time and money. We offer quick and quality services at reasonable prices withoutqueueing.

Our haircuts are always on point and easy to take care of when out of the salon. With the latest hair coloring techniques we additionally enhance the final result.

Our young team is energetic and always full of fresh ideas that they wish to share with you. SIMPLE team is regularly present at different professional seminars and are always on the look out for the new trends. We are proud to be a part of different fashion events, fashion shows and presentations, photoshoots, etc. as well.

We believe everybody deserves a magnificent hairdo therefore it is our philosophy: QUALITY SERVICES FOR REASONABLE PRICE!

We will do our best to fulfill your every wish!