dm drogerie markt is the largest drug chain in Europe, operating in 13 European countries with a network of over 3,500 drugstores and over 61,000 employees. It appeared in the Serbian market in 2004. Today, 15 years later, in Serbia there are more than 90 drugstores and over 850 employees, while in its assortment there are 26 brands and about 14,000 products in the segment of beauty, natural cosmetics, organic food, as well as personal hygiene, household products and care baby.

dm is especially proud of their range of organic products. With over 400 organic products, dmBio is a brand with the widest range of organic food in Serbia. In this way, dm has become an indispensable place for all customers whose organic nutrition is part of everyday life. With the slogan “Organic is not always expensive” dm continues to expand this assortiment to meet the needs of its customers.

In addition to the large number of their brands, there are also products that can be purchased exclusively in DM. These are products that can be found exclusively in dm in Serbia, such as products that are created in cooperation with influencers and bloggers. With over 300 such products, dm has positioned itself on the Serbian market as a company that always allows its customers access to world trends.

dm drogerie markt, through the project dm incubator, showed that they are responsible company who is dedicated to investing in the development of the domestic economy and that it is a reliable partner to Serbian society. One of the favorite loyalty programs for all parents is dm babybonus, within which each newborn baby registered in the program receives a welcome package. From 2017 we support the project “cork and smile” through all our sales facilities.